Jesus Never Said…“Just Do What Makes You Happy!”
What does it take to make you happy?
We spend a lot of time and energy pursuing happiness. We act as if it is owed us. Even adults make major decisions with happiness as their only goal.
In fact, in the United States’ Declaration of Independence, we claim a right to the pursuit of happiness. But how many people consider, “What does it take to make us truly happy?”
Too often, we search for happiness in things dictated by society—in possessions, success, prestige, or fun (entertainment, immorality, food, drinking, or drugs). We think we’ll be happy if we can get what we want. We pursue happiness in temporal fulfillment of personal desires.
A better question might be, “What does God say it takes to make for our happiness?” I checked it out. The primary words in the Bible for happy —in Old and New Testament—are often translated blessed. It seems that happiness is the same as, or comes from, being blessed. In other words, genuine happiness comes from God’s hand.
Many verses paint a very different picture from the self-centered happiness that we pursue. For example :
“Behold, how happy is the man whom God reproves” (Job 5:17).
“Happy is he who is gracious to the poor” (Prov 14:21).
“Happy is he who keeps the law” (Prov 29:18).
“Behold, we count those blessed who endured” (James 5:11).
“If you are reviled for the name of Christ, you are blessed” (1 Pet 4:14)
It seems that true happiness is closely related to our relationship with God and receiving something through His hands—even if that something corrective, painful or even being reviled for His name.
It appears that happiness and contentment are closely related. We may seek happiness through personal temporal gain, but God says,
“Godliness actually is a means of great gain,
when accompanied by contentment” (1 Tim. 6:6)

What does it take to make us truly happy?
The Bible says…“He whoso trusts in the LORD, happy is he” (Prov. 16:20).

On the grace journey of forgiveness together with you, Lynwood