The Importance Of Trusting God! 

Have you ever struggled and fretted because your life wasn’t going the way you wanted? Do you feel that way right now? You want to trust God, but you have legitimate needs and desires. Or, sometimes you do get what you want, only to discover that it doesn’t make you happy after all, but rather, you are just disillusioned.                                                                                         

Many Christians repeat this cycle their entire life, wondering what they’re doing wrong. I should know. I was one of them. The answer lies in putting the good intentions of trusting God into practice. Making it such a dominant theme in your life that you view every event, every sorrow, every prayer with the conviction that God is totally, spotlessly trustworthy.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will

 show you which path to take. Proverbs 3:5-6


That’s where we mess up. We want to trust in anything rather than the Lord. We’ll trust in our own abilities, our job, our money, our doctor, or whatever or whoever it takes to control our circumstances. But first place our trust in the Lord completely? Well…

It’s easy to trust in things we can see. Sure, we believe in God, but to allow him to run our lives? That’s asking a little too much, we think. The bottom line is that our wants may not agree with God’s wants for us. After all, it’s our life, isn’t it? Shouldn’t we have a say over it? Shouldn’t we be the one who calls the shots? God gave us free will, didn’t he?

If we fall for the world’s idea of what matters, we get trapped in what I call “The Loop of Next Time.” The new car, relationship, promotion or whatever didn’t bring you the happiness you expected, so you keep searching, thinking “Maybe next time.” But it’s a loop that’s always the same because you were created for something better, and deep down you know it.

When you finally reach the place where your head agrees with your heart, you’re still hesitant. It’s scary. Trusting in God can require that you abandon everything you’ve ever believed about what brings happiness and fulfillment. It requires that you accept the truth that God knows what’s best for you. But how do you make that leap from knowing to doing? How do you trust God instead of the world or yourself?

The secret lives within you: The Holy Spirit. Not only will he convict you of the rightness of trusting in the Lord, but he’ll also help you do it. Because the he knows you better than you know yourself, he’ll give you exactly what you need to make this change. Are you ready? The time to start is today, right now!

On the grace journey together with you, Lynwood