Beware of The Traveler
King David had sinned. God sent Nathan to tell David a story and to deal with his sin.
Nathan told David a parable about a rich man who had thousands and thousands of sheep and a poor man who lived nearby. The poor man had only one ewe lamb, and she was like one of his own children to him. The lamb slept in the poor man’s arms and ate from the poor man’s table. He loved her.
One day a traveler came to the rich man’s house. The rich man was too stingy to kill one of his sheep for the traveler, so he stole the poor man’s beloved lamb, killed it, and cooked it to feed the traveler.
Beware of the traveler. When the traveler arrived, trouble began. The traveler in the story represents our thought life, and the traveler is coming through whether you like it or not. Thoughts are going to knock on your door. Temptations are coming to present themselves. But you don’t have to let them in and you don’t have to feed them.
The Bible says to “take your thoughts captive” (2 Cor. 10:5). We must not let the enemy fill our minds with filth and trash. We must take authority over our thoughts. Evil desire begins with evil thoughts, and ends in sin and destruction.
The challenge, friends, is to love God not just with our heart and soul but also with our minds. Do we love Him with our thoughts? The biggest battle we face is not out in the world but between our own two ears. It’s our thoughts that determine victory or defeat in our lives. It’s our thoughts that determine whether we’re pure or impure.
The apostle Paul emphasizes this again in Romans 8:6 (NLT): “So letting your sinful nature control your mind leads to death. But letting the Spirit control your mind leads to life and peace.”Will we let our sinful nature control our thoughts? Or will we guard our thoughts and allow the Spirit to control our minds? It’s our choice—death, or life and peace.
When a negative, unholy, damaging thought is in our minds, it must be taken captive to Christ. This means it must be replaced with another thought, one that honors God and builds our spirit rather than our flesh.
God can purify and sanctify our thought lives. He can replace our selfish, negative, tempting thoughts with the mind of Christ. Thank God we don’t have to be a slave to our desires, following a path that leads to sin and destruction. Instead, we can give our thoughts over to the Holy Spirit, and walk on the path to love, peace, and eternal life.
On the grace journey together with you, Lynwood